16 February 2009

5 Rules to Steven Seagal movie

In case you wondered, Steven Seagal is still alive, and although he's got old and fat, he still manages to shoot 3-4 movies a year. Most of them he produces by himself, and he even writes some of the scripts. And above all that, he plays a guitar and sings too! He already released 2 CDs! What can you say, the man is multi talented, he is truly got it all.

The only problem is, that all of his last movies are pure garbage. And forget about ridiculous story, full of cliche and lowest emotional pathos moments, forget about decent production or decent acting.
When you see Steven Seagal making a scary face before breaking someone's arm or head, and then you see him actually doing that, you notice that it's not really him, but a stunt double.
All the action scenes, when he needs to do something physical - he has a stunt double to do it for him. The camera angles and editing are trying to hide this, but it's still very obvious. The true fans just don't really care anyway, and accidental viewers are having a laugh when they notice it. And sometimes his double doesn't even match his body shape or have different hair! This is complete disrespect of viewers' intelligence, and I think he does it on purpose.

After saying that, here is a funny video (HQ available), which is probably not fan made but an actual DVD promotion, I am not sure right now, of his movie Kill Switch. All the scenes are from that movie.

I guess he doesn't need any stunt double for that last rule. BTW, the blond girl that shows her nipples a little, is Andrea Stefancikova, a model from Czech Republic.
Oh, here she is.

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