30 April 2009

Oh my! Teaser for new film with Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau

New film Ne Te Retourne Pas (2009), directed by multi talented Marina de Van, features both Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau. Moreover, in the film they are the same person! Bellucci and Marceau in one body - I guess dreams can come true after all.

The best translation to English is probably Don't Turn Around, feel free to correct me on that, and the movie will be screened at the Cannes film festival.
Short synopsis:

Jeanne a writer, married, with two children - starts to see unsettling changes in her home. Her body is beginning to change. No one around her seems to notice. Her family dismisses these fears as the result of the stress of having to finish her next book, but Jeanne realizes that something far deeper, far more disturbing is taking place. A photograph at her mother's house sends her in search of a woman in Italy. Here, transformed into another woman, Rosa Maria, she will discover the strange secret of her true identity.

Source: Official website

I haven't seen any movie by Marina de Van, but I am sure putting this one on my watch list.

And some more photos for everyone's pleasure.

Full Trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

I don't know why people are complaining, I like it. The effects maybe look like Sci-Fi channel production, but I think in this case the quantity is more important than quality. It will be better than Wolverine anyway.


And you can't top Sienna Miller as Baroness. Anyone care for hot chick in leather fetish?

Trailer for action movie Icarus (2009)

Looks like action movies are making small comeback to the mainstream, kind of, and all iconic action actors from 80's - 90's are suddenly relevant again. Stallone, Van Damme, Steven Seagal and Dolph Lundgren are getting some headlines and bigger coverage with their new films, and it doesn't look half as bad as it sounds.

Time and experience work slowly but inevitably, thus goofy action movies with grandiose action scenes and ridiculous plot lines are replaced by smaller, darker and much more realistic action dramas. Last year sensation Taken will be considered years from now as turning point for action genre, but now everybody just happy to jump on the wagon. I am sure we will be seeing more and more middle age men, not necessarily muscular and fit, having shootouts and close hand to hand combats with bad guys, trying to defend their families, or something like that. This is part of the psychological father figure restoration, after that same superego was crushed and stepped upon during the 90's.

Dolph, in addition to acting, started also to direct his own movies. His latest Icarus just finished filming not so long ago, and here is the first teaser.

See some behind the scenes footage, as well interview with Dolph himself, and big load of stills on the dedicated page.

Trailer for horror film Primal (2009)

New Australian horror movie called Primal is heading to the film market at Cannes festival to seek distributor. As part of attempt to get attention, a short teaser was released to show what it's all about, and I have to say this looks good. Sort of combination between The Descent and 30 Days of Night, and I wouldn't mind to watch this one if only for the explicit gore this teaser promises.

The films is about group of students, heading to the mountains to find a cave with very ancient wall paintings. Of course, what they don't know, is that this cave was used to perform a sacred ritual to bind an ancient evil long time ago. After one girl in the group goes to skinny-dip in the nearby river, her condition rapidly worsens, and she regresses to a predatory, primal state and viciously attacks her friends.

Official website

29 April 2009

Trailer for Japanese thriller M.W. (2009)

In perfect timing for the Swine Flu, the trailer for live action adaptation of the famous manga M.W was successfully released.

Created by manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka, the story is about Yuuki Michio, sole survivor of the military incident involving secret chemical weapon named M.W. Yuuki turns under the gas effects into psychotic killer, and as his brain and heart are increasingly affected by MW, he plans to release the toxic gas all over the world when he dies, to bring the whole human race to extinction.
The trailer looks quite good, and although some silly song is playing in the background and there are no English subtitles, you can really appreciate the cinematic quality of it.

Source: Nippon Cinema

New demo reel for anime project First Squad (2009)

Some time ago I posted demo footage from the upcoming anime project, created by two Russian animators Misha Shprits and Aljoscha Klimov, under support of acclaimed Japanese Studio 4°C.
Now I have new video with additional material. And apparently, the film will be screened at Cannes festival as part of the film market. Best of luck.

Source and more info: twitch

Interesting Pics

Don't call these superheros for help. Is it me or Batman have something nasty on his mind?


Great mash up picture of famous people. Try to recognize as many as possible, and special prize for the first person that finds Bin Laden.

The technology maybe different (it is not microwave, it's actually a computer), but the selling strategy is pretty much the same. Go for two bytes.

Great photo of Grace Kelly, no wonder that prince was so hot for her.

Apparently there are much worse things than black holes in the universe.
Be very, very quiet.

Some pictures from Fail Blog


27 April 2009

WOW! Amazing trailer for Hisss (2009)

Last year I saw really smart and unique thriller Surveillance, directed by Jennifer Lynch, the daughter of David Lynch. I was pleasantly surprised, and now when I see the trailer for her next film Hisss, suddenly I am really excited about it, this looks absolutely fantastic.
The movie is based on the Far Eastern myth of the snake woman who is able to take on human form.

Source: twitch

Visit official website for more info.

And now meet Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, the star of the film.

Photos from the set of Jonah Hex (2010)

Usually I would post such photos in my News/Rumors summary at the end of the week, but since it is Megan Fox we are talking about, why wait? Especially when everybody on the freaking net already posted it.

My future wife (sigh) is shooting new movie right now, Jonah Hex, based on some comic book, sorry, graphical novel. Yeah, another one. The story happens during Wild West times, and is about Bounty Hunter looking for some voodoo priest that wants to raise an army of dead. Or something like that.
Megan is Leila, love interest of the Hex the bounty hunter, and suppose to be a tough shooting guns chick by herself. Not in that corset I hope.

And just for my personal pleasure here is more photos of her in better dress, emphasizing her nice curves.

Second Trailer for Lars von Trier's Antichrist (2009)

Not the best quality, but that will do just fine. Second trailer for Antichrist looks no less attractive than the first one. In addition, new set of screenshots were also released.