30 April 2009

Oh my! Teaser for new film with Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau

New film Ne Te Retourne Pas (2009), directed by multi talented Marina de Van, features both Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau. Moreover, in the film they are the same person! Bellucci and Marceau in one body - I guess dreams can come true after all.

The best translation to English is probably Don't Turn Around, feel free to correct me on that, and the movie will be screened at the Cannes film festival.
Short synopsis:

Jeanne a writer, married, with two children - starts to see unsettling changes in her home. Her body is beginning to change. No one around her seems to notice. Her family dismisses these fears as the result of the stress of having to finish her next book, but Jeanne realizes that something far deeper, far more disturbing is taking place. A photograph at her mother's house sends her in search of a woman in Italy. Here, transformed into another woman, Rosa Maria, she will discover the strange secret of her true identity.

Source: Official website

I haven't seen any movie by Marina de Van, but I am sure putting this one on my watch list.

And some more photos for everyone's pleasure.

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