31 December 2009

29 December 2009

The art of bootlegging is not so far behind the art of filmmaking

Everybody love presents

New Year is almost here, it's time to get in the festive mood, with all the songs and gifts, as suitable for the spirit of the season.

This video was created by the team behind Moldavian animated film Gypsy, that I've already mentioned before with two funny video segments they did. Now they released third special segment just for New Year's Eve celebration.
Visit their production blog (English version available) for more details, or this user on Vimeo to see the actual working process on animation.

27 December 2009

Avatar Review

Avatar is truly magnificent achievement, the way I expected it to be. And I am not talking about the depth and the meaning of the story, the complexity of the plot or the tangibility of the characters. The movie is far from being flawless, there are so many things wrong with it I can't even attempt to list them all. But the experience is completely sweeping and mind blowing, James Cameron manages to control and manipulate the emotional investment of the viewer, directing him into the places he wants to. And the main thing director James Cameron wants, by creating such enjoyable fantasy fairytale, is to entertain.
Sure he chose the easy way out, retelling so painfully familiar story about the clash of the opposite civilizations. One that seems to live in peace and harmony with its surroundings, contributing to the nature more than taking from it, even on the expense of intellectual development, and the other is cold and technological machine society, with deteriorating spiritual and moral values, tending toward violence and destruction without even realizing the meaning of what they are doing.
But the way he chose to recycle such story, even if using huge amount of highly abused cliches, is simply breathtaking. The visuals and the vortex of colors in 3D were lacking just Smell-O-Vision to feel completely real.
Every second you run your eyes on the screen with silent joy from the richness and the virtuous complexity of the frame composition. Every minute you see something new and astounding, every minute you feel like invisible ghost floating inside this world, and you don't want to leave. Truly, the level of escapism and dream-state was taken in this movie to the whole new heights.
And it's not like Cameron is not trying to appeal to your intellect as well. In very modest way he creates some plot complexities as well, like the obvious conflict between Jake and Colonel Quaritch is spiced by their similarity. While Jake uses his Avatar as a tool, same way Colonel uses the mecha-robot, they are both people inside their Avatars according to their liking. But while Jake does it to feel real, to escape the depressing reality of his own body, Quaritch uses his own Avatar to get more power, to enhance his body even more. Not to mention that Jake's Avatar is a living being, and the other is cold metal war machine. There are other attempts to such ambiguity, I have to admit that the script is not completely dumb, it would not be so interesting and enjoyable to watch this film otherwise.
But the main problem of this film is not even the predictable story, not the emphasis on emotional sentimentality and not the extremely cheesy kitsch, it's all being delivered with cozy grace and hence quickly forgivable, the problem lies in something else. When you loved the movie you just watched, you often find yourself staring at the screen during the credits, digesting the experience you just went through. I always like that feeling of the film's ending through the credits, it's a sign of the impact. With Avatar it just didn't happen. You finish this film and off you go, credits or not. Many think that this film will be forgotten in a few years, and they're probably exaggerating, but for this film it will not be easy to stand the test of time.


24 December 2009

What have we done?

Webdesigner Depot got 60 satellite photos of different areas on planet Earth, all of them are remarkable by their natural beauty and colors. Most of these areas are untouched by the hand of a human, so maybe that's the reason why. Here is a sample of photos, go to the link to see all of them and read where they were taken.

Repo men are coming to cut you up

Earlier this year director Alex Cox was fighting against Universal Pictures for naming one of their films Repo Men. He was really upset for the possible reference to his Repo Man, but apparently he lost this battle, because first trailer for this new movie is out with intended title.
In a future, when artificial organs are made and sold to people, Jude Law plays a badass repo man, that goes after those who cannot afford the payments anymore, extracting the implanted organs in brutal and bloody ways. Until he gets one of these organs himself and ends up on the opposite side of the butcher knife.
This looks like very interesting and refreshing sci-fi action treat, especially when coming from the first time director. Worth following this one.

23 December 2009

Kevin Smith directed this?

Bruce Willis is doing another hack job, saying classic lines like "Now that is what I am talking about!", and Tracy Morgan is acting all crazy, as usual, in Cop Out. Kevin Smith is directing them and very impressive supporting cast, but ending up without a credit in this trailer. Instead of being announced by the deep and authoritative voice-over - "from the cult director Kevin Smith", all he gets is a text in the end of the credits, that normal people don't really pay attention to. What, no Jay and Silent Bob cameo this time?
The trailer is not very funny, but Smith's comedy doesn't really suit the form of short trailer. Although he did got very fat, I just hope his brain didn't turn into a marshmallow too.

More video formats on this page.

22 December 2009

Somebody should wash this girl's mouth with a soap

And what a way to finish your day, or start it. Red band teaser for Kick-Ass shows the Hit Girl in all her glory. Ok, you cunts. Lets see what you can do now. Always sounds funnier when a kid says that.
After half a year of leaked footage, released posters and general internet hype, this film still looks awesome.

Plane crash is funny again. What, too soon?

First trailer for the summer movie Knight & Day features armed kidnapping, murder, plane crash, reckless driving and heavy makeup on aging actors, things you may consider as both violent and tragic, and somehow tries to spin it into a comedy, but without the "funny" part. I've seen even worse things getting humorous treatment, but you actually need to know how to be macabre or tell a black joke.
Cameron Diaz continues to embarrass herself, she is now long after the "hot girl in the movie having fun" stage and deep into "accidentally meeting complete opposite of myself, but because I am so desperate for love I will give it a chance and marry this man" uncharted area. From now on it's a slippery slope into "hot divorced mom with a smart-ass kid meeting middle age weed smoker and turning his life around" roles and I don't even want to know what's next. In her favor, she still manages to steal occasional roles like in the recent The Box, so maybe she can still push herself through.
The whole trailer gives a bit heavy feeling of trying too much and reeks of obvious rip-offs from other movies, I am beginning to suspect that this will be this summer's big flop. But despite all that, this movie could be worth something - the car chase scene was kinda awesome.

White Sun of the Desert

This is Russian feature film entitled Kandahar, and it is based on the real events that took place in 1995, amidst the Afghan civil war. Commercial Russian airplane, with supplies for Afghan government, is forced to land in the city of Kandahar, where the crew is captured and taken as prisoners by Taliban forces. They will have to survive a year in captivity, experiencing the rage of war and violence, while trying to escape.
Can't really judge the movie right now, but it looks like another story about unbreakable strength and heroism of brave Russian citizens, a patriotic theme that recently is very encouraged in Russian cinema by the government, together with very shameless attempts to re-write the history. People that familiar with what is going on in Russia in the past few years will probably understand what I am talking about. But political debate aside, and also ignoring unintentionally homo-erotic poster, the cinematic qualities of this film are clearly seen even from this short trailer.
Great settings at the filming location in Morocco, among desert landscapes, authentic local extras as Taliban fighters, great looking explosions, action scenes and special effects, make this movie really interesting and impressive filmmaking. The movie opens in Russian theaters in February.

Later I will add English subtitles to this trailer.

19 December 2009

Short Animation - Speed (1980)

Amazing what can be achieved with just simple drawing of lines and colors, and of course with fantastic soundtrack. This is classic anime by independent animator Taku Furukawa, that I've never heard of before. He created many short films over the years, some are very abstract and experimental, and they all seem to be in such minimalistic and very basic, child-like style of hand drawing. The film is described as "chronology of human progress, or the lack of it".

There was a DVD release in 1998, with compilation of his works. You can read this very informative article about it, with reviews and analysis of his films.
Taku Fukurawa also has active website and blog.

18 December 2009

The proportions of things

Recommended to watch HD and full screen.

Moment of Rant - movies that I am not going to see

It's a personal thing, but I just don't like Christopher Nolan as a filmmaker. Even now, when I am re-watching his only movie that I liked, Memento, I can feel some odd vibe, a premonition of bad things to come. But the concept is so strong that it is completely sweeping all bad feelings away. From that movie and on I learned to hate his films and despise his work. Insomnia, Prestige, both Batmans, all terrible films with really bad screenplays that just feel wrong to me. It's probably the hollowness of it, the false grandiosity, the artificial sensationalism of the small and pointless details. Movies for cinematic retards, that cannot see the lack of essence behind the smoke and mirrors.
And before Mr. Nolan continues to ruin my once favorite superhero, here he comes again with another garbage, and I know exactly what it will be like, I can see it already in the trailer.
DiCaprio will give great performance, the visual effects will be super polished and impressive, but the story will be stupid and annoying. The fans will love it, the studio will count stacks of greens, and the critics will be so confused and unable to pinpoint the weaknesses, they will give good reviews just because they don't want to break their heads thinking about it too much. It will appear in every Best films of 2010 list, top 20 on IMDB, most pirated torrent of the year.
And limited number of sane people, that won't like it, will find themselves among dumb haters and just trolls that have nothing smart to say, unable to separate their valid opinion from such unflattering crowd. Whatever, I am going to take a stand by not participating in this shallow circus, I won't see this movie and ignore it instead ... starting now.

It was suppose to be an alternative take on the myth about most famous medieval criminal and terrorist, Robin Hood. Sheriff of Nottingham was initially the hero and Robin Hood a villain. Many big studios participated in a bidding war to acquire the rights for the script, eventually giving up to Universal Pictures. Many big directors were approached and considered to direct, until the choice went to one Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe attached himself to the film.
And what happened next? The script was rewritten, changed completely and no more resembling that original version everybody were so eager to purchase. Robin Hood ended up as positive character after all, as suitable for the myth, Sheriff of Nottingham will continue to be the bastard, and the arrows will be propelling from the bows in slow motion (just because no one ever saw slow motion effect in the movies before). Brave and heroic Robin will ride with devotion on the horse (also in slow motion) and solemn expression on his face, opening his mouth to make loud sounds, you know, like in real battle. The blood will be spilled, some people will die, emotions will fly, maid Marian will show feminine grace.
Ridley Scott (Recycling Clichés™), that probably didn't see a single film in the last 20 years, only his own, still thinks he can direct movies when he clearly cannot. Only Scott could take such interesting idea with subversive approach and turn it to another lame snooze fest about pathos, heroism, loyalty and good Christianity. Oh, did I mention slow motion already?
Turning on "Ignore" mode ... starting now.

Who's your Daddy?

Few recently released Kick Ass posters and a clip.

16 December 2009

War Machine is officially more bad-ass than Iron Man

Official trailer for Iron Man 2 kicks some serious butt. Super cocky Tony Stark gets a lot of screen time and later is owned by the Whiplash, but comes back with friends to fight dirty.

More video formats on this page.

New trailer for Alice in Wonderland redefines Epic

New trailer for Alice in Wonderland is here, and it seems that Burton is far from being modest, taking the story so far you can barely see the origin. Sword fights, mass battles and dragons? More like Alice in Middle Earth.

Official website

Prince of Persia - Featurette

Ripped Jake Gyllenhaal shows abs in featurette for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Short Animation - Golden Island (2008)

I am having some troubles to collect solid info about these guys, it's all in Chinese and even the link to their official website is not working for me, but it seems that they are China based animation studio named TINKID, relatively new. They are creating flash animation for commercials and TV, and have plans to make bigger projects.
I saw this short and immediately loved it for its cool visual style. I couldn't find it as video in good quality, so I have this embedded Shockwave, hope it works. It may take a while to load, but it's worth it.

In case the video is not working, head to their Chinese blog, with more info and other works, to see it in other format.

14 December 2009

You can never leave

I already posted this short teaser with English subtitles for the upcoming Russian thriller/horror film, that in the meantime changed its name to Phobos: Club of Fear. And now there is a new, longer trailer, revealing a little better what's this all about. Apparently there are some kind of deadly traps in the underground shelter, either mechanical or controlled by someone outside, and these young people find themselves in struggle to stay alive among them. Opens in March in Russia.

And a piece of news regarding the film, coming from the interview with Dmitry Rudovsky, one of the heads of production company. The movie was screened for the potential distributors not so long ago at the American Film Market, and Russian producers were approached by two American production companies, interested in buying the concept for the remake. One of them is Platinum Dunes, headed by Michael Bay and responsible for string of really bad horror films and remakes of the classics in the last years (The Unborn, Friday the 13th, The Hitcher) and the other one is Twisted Pictures, mostly famous for creating the Saw franchise. It doesn't mean much, and the remake might not happen at all, but this fact indicates a little that the movie might not be a total waste of time.

13 December 2009

Order of Things

Second trailer (updated with better quality) for the highly anticipated Clash of the Titans is here. More action, more monsters. Sweet.

Release the Kraken? Where did I hear that before?
Other HD formats at this page.

Belly of the Beast

Couldn't skip this trailer for Saint John of Las Vegas, with fantastic cast and bizarre story.

Official website

12 December 2009

Movies - Last Seen

Short reviews for these films below.

9 (USA, 2009)

Doesn't live up to all the buzz this film created prior to its release. I mean, the visual details and technical achievement are there, it is clear that Shane Acker, the director, has the imagination scale to create multi-layered structure of visual details and very fluid and dynamic action sequences, but most important thing he cannot do - write a decent story.
Whether it's his personal inability to think of a better narrative and design believable characters, or it was pressure from the studio and producers to dumb it down, but instead of appealing story and convincing characters he decided to go on embarrassing sentimentality and exaggerated melodramatic emotions, adding to this some confusing religious references. The core mistake, I think, was misunderstanding of the target audience, and thus wasting big potential of this animated film.
A story about artificial intelligence, that eventually rises against its own creators, is nothing new in science fiction. This is one of more shallow and pointless examples of it.


Driven to Kill (USA/Canada, 2009)

Enjoying his quiet life and writing crime novels, former Russian mafia member, Ruslan, receives invitation to his daughter's wedding. Going home to New York, his old territory, only brings back the bitter disputes with his former acquaintances, that apparently try to assassinate his ex-wife and daughter. Seeing that his family is threatened, Ruslan decides to have his revenge, shooting his way through the mob and breaking bones, skulls.

Always awful as actor, Seagal is making pure trash for many years now, but this movie is lacking the juicy pulp required to enjoy something like that. Extremely boring, mostly painful to watch and just plain embarrassing.


Letters from a Dead Man (Russia, 1986)

This unusual post-apocalyptic movie, created in Soviet Russia just few years before the collapse of the regime, is a grim philosophical prophecy about the possible future for human race.
After nuclear war the remaining human population is struggling to survive among the panic, radiation and diseases. The movie follows an aging scientist with clear symptoms of post-traumatic shock, as he walks through the city ruins, leaping over dead bodies and looking for the food and medicine for his dying wife. As he visits isolated underground refugee locations, the film reveals the depressive state of desperate people, trying to make sense of their condition. Some express fierce accusations and hatred toward human nature, some are remembering the beauty in human existence, some are trying to adapt and some just want to die, seeing no hope.
The gloomy visuals of the film and the apocalyptic scenery are simply stunning, creating very depressing mood, so suitable for the content. The film is maybe not as poetic and not as expressive as Tarkovsky stuff, but it's quite artistic on its own.


The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (USA, 2009)

This film creates the same feeling as seeing older person trying to blend among young people in the night club. Hey grandpa, wearing colorful clothes and jumping around doesn't make you any younger, you old senile fool. Your pathetic attempt to look hip and cool only emphasizes your late age, and frankly, your lack of common sense as well.
Tony Scott is that older person when it comes to directing such bad screenplay, because the result is him pretending very hard to be cool. Energetic music and strange camera movements, together with frantic editing, are not what's making moving images into film. Artist you are not, Mr. Scott, neither good entertainer. Waste of time.


Brüno (USA, 2009)

Baron Cohen does here again what he does the best - embarrassing people by putting them into extremely awkward situations. The pranked people feel stupid and the viewers get to laugh hard, it's just perfect outcome. The nature of a prank is that the performer is taking severe risk of being violently attacked, after all people don't like when someone offends them in most shameless ways. And so the biggest achievement of this film is Baron Cohen dropping himself inside quite dangerous situations, in which he instigates the victims, but keeps holding his character with a patience and endurance of a Renaissance Fair performer, no matter how bad things are evolving around him. Having his character, Bruno, as extremely sticking out homosexual doesn't really help, especially when most of his victims were selected because they are quite sensitive to the issue.
But laughs, jokes and shaking of the head with disbelief aside, what about the cinematic quality of this movie. I must say it is not as good as Borat in overall impression. The adventures of gay Austrian are less coherent and interesting than of his Kazakh predecessor, the character is less likable and more mean than funny. It seems that Bruno mostly just annoys people, while Borat had much more going on for him. The pranks here are much shorter, the movie was built around more shallow character and thus the result is one dimensional and less complex. How do you protect yourself from a man with two dildos? Exactly.


A Perfect Getaway (USA, 2009)

For a self-reflective movie, one which includes conversations about cinematic techniques of suspense and storytelling, this movie is not very smart or sophisticated at all. I guessed the main mystery - who are the killers, even before the movie started. Just from seeing all the trailers and promotional campaign, indicating that there is a twist in the end, I knew what will be actually revealed even before I pressed the Play button, it was that predictable to me.
So when I started watching this I knew the ending, but during the movie I was constantly hoping it will not be this way, that the writers will go extra mile to fool me, eventually. But no, it didn't happen.
In our interactive world of information and disinformation, when viral promotion and extra involvement of the potential viewer are a common thing, I would expect more sophistication and misleading clues from such film. In the end it 's just another thriller, interesting to watch because of its charismatic actors and decent story, but it seems that the screenplay was written in 90's, making it just way too simple.


Funny People (USA, 2009)

Not as funny as I hoped it will be, but Apatow still writes excellent scripts. The movie has great dialogs filled with sarcasm and cynicism and interesting story with enough emotional weight to get viewers involved.
I liked it, I was pulled inside and enjoyed it till the very end of this ride.


Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable (Japan, 1973)

Another movie in the series about renegade female prisoner known as Sasori - Scorpion, and it's pretty good one. This time she is trying to hide from the vindictive cop after cutting off his arm, helping a young prostitute who's been impregnated by her retard brother, and also going after some yakuza group for torturing and imprisoning her and other woman.
In one brilliant scene during the opening credits, she is running trough the city holding bloody cut arm of the cop, connected to her by the cuffs. The sequence was clearly shot from a distance, and the reaction on the faces of people seeing such bizarre scene is real.
The film is maybe less exploitation and less erotic as usual Pink Eiga example, but it's very representative of 70's era. There is great retro vibe in this one, anyone who loves this decade should see this film.


Late Bloomer (Japan, 2004)

Unique and disturbing look into the soul of handicapped man with physical limitations. Following closely his daily routine and people in his life, which are mostly his caretakers, the film exposes deep and complex picture of crippled psyche, filled with desires and strong emotions trying to burst out of disabled body. But physical conditions are stronger than inner ardor, unable to express his passions and to receive them back from another human being, he is developing disastrous rage and frustration inside of him, leading to eventual murderous collapse.

This film is defined by many as horror, but I respectfully disagree. Although there are some creepy moments and one freaky scene when he is waving the knife, this movie is about different kind of scaring. Coming from young Japanese director and featuring one hell of an ending shot, that can make even Antonioni jealous, this feels more like a twisted moral slap in your face. Highly recommended, but not for everyone.


The Hangover(USA, 2009)

First I have to say, this movie is somewhere at the low end of cinema as form of art. Honestly, it's hard for me to understand how a person can be considered a film director when he shoots only most basic scenes and just using upbeat pop music and fast edited images to tell a story. Seriously, the cinematic language used in this film is simply defective and retarded, but the movie is sure funny as hell.
This is indeed highly entertaining and enjoyable piece of crap, an instant cult, so all the negative things that I may pour on it are pretty much pointless and unnecessary, because if the movie makes you laugh and you feel good when it's over, than who the fuck cares about stupid camera angles.


Grace (USA/Canada, 2009)

A messy blend of feminist concepts and a bit of mother issues are making this, somewhat Oedipal movie promising but underdeveloped. The director sure knows what he is doing, creating very unpleasant feeling of rotten matter and decay with gruesome and direct images, of buzzing flies, for example.
A young pregnant woman looses her husband and unborn child in the car accident, but out of primal instincts and grief she decides to carry the baby inside of her to the end. The baby turns out to be alive after the stillbirth, but apparently he needs to feed on blood to survive.
The film starts great, the pace, the selection of color palette, the introduction of characters, the symbolism, this is truly masterful work. The disturbing but quiet feeling that something bad is about to happen is leaking from every shot. But somehow I expected more shocking violence and repulsive images, sort of uncontrollable spin of events that will result in bloody slaughter. Not in this film, despite modest attempt to do so. Maybe because the beginning director was afraid to loose control over the plot, but this hesitation creates empty vacuum in the film, which resolves somehow by the end, but it's lowering the impression from the film.


Blast of Silence (USA, 1961)

Interesting idea framed with great start and excellent ending, but everything in between is truly shameful. It begins with unfortunate miscast of the main character, played by the director himself, who maybe knows how to shoot on film but sure sucks as an actor, and it continues with weak writing, but maybe it's because the movie dates back to the '61.
Social misfit and a loner, raised in the orphanage and later became a hired killer, arrives to New York to do a job. While carefully planning the assassination, he is meeting old friends and having some doubts about his life.
The film is mostly narrated by a third person and it's the main technique to tell the story and define the character and his thoughts. Beautiful black&white scenery of New York in the 60's adds to the classic value of this outdated film, that doesn't really stands the test of time.


Pandorum (USA/Germany, 2009)

A man wakes up from a long sleep on a spaceship only to discover that the fate of all human race lies upon his shoulders. But before he gets to play Adam and Eve, he needs to overcome the collapse of humanity into the animal-like sort of state.
The film works great with the sense of fear by placing it as the center of the events. In the beginning it is unfocused and very abstract, you don't really get to see the face of it, just feel the sharp sense of danger coming from the darkness. The danger is overwhelming, it's everywhere and you can't fight it, you can only run from it. As the film develops further the fear is going through personification and gets clear source, but it suddenly has many forms. The immediate embodiment of the fear has reasons and consequences, that maybe don't cause that primal and irrational wave of panic, but they are terrifying on their own, probably on much higher intellectual level.
German director Christian Alvart does really good job crafting absolutely believable situation and convincing acting, not every filmmaker knows how to create suspense and be in control in every second of his film. That was very impressive directional work, and the way it's stays hidden only emphasizes his achievement. Also Ben Foster should get more recognition as an actor, he is excellent every time I see him in a role, and here his powerful performance awakes paranoia mixed with fear by facial expressions alone.
The story, the content itself, might get some negative comments, but that's just genre and studio limitations. And it doesn't really matter for the enjoyable viewing experience anyway.


Gamer (USA, 2009)

As oppose to the previous works of this duo of directors, that did both Crank movies, the Gamer is not funny at all. It is very serious dystopian look into possible future that might be more real than you think. The visual chaos on the screen, as much as the lives of the people in that movie, is painfully pointless. Who is shooting who, why things exploding, where are they going and what are they doing, what is the purpose of it all? The reality itself is build out of separated and disconnected fragments. Here is a night club with dancing people, that seem like they are always there, here is a talk show with faceless applauding audience, that seem like never go home, and they are all doing the same thing over and over again, like some kind of programmed characters. Every scene of this film feels like you are inside a computer game, like when you go off the course to the wrong direction, that is not on the path of the storyline, when you just go exploring the virtual territory of your surroundings to find yourself in obscure area of artificial world build by computer code and raised to life by never resting electrons. The reality in the Gamer is lifeless and fake in the same manner, only intentionally, to make a point. Inside this bleak terrain of emptiness and hollowness there are number of people that still have some humanity left in them, people that want to get out of the powerful technological shell, to feel human again.

But while I have no complaints about the very interesting content of the movie, which I think deals with the whole Simulacra and Simulation thing much better than Matrix did, I don't think that hyper fast and erratic visual presentation with somewhat schizophrenic editing was the best way to go with such content. This film is first of all a love letter to the science fiction movies of 80's. In deeper analysis I could probably recognize dozen different movies from that decade, starting from direct references to Blade Runner and ending with concept similarities to The Running Man. Therefore adopting extreme cyber visuals, very dynamic and superficial, I can even use the profane word - "postmodern", makes the whole thing less suitable. But I get it, I understand why the directors are using such form, which they are also trying to condemn. They say that there is no escape from the video game, that we are all stuck inside of it, you cannot just wake up, pull the cable out of your head and see the truth. There is no real redemption, no savior, we can only be gamers.


Thirst (South Korea, 2009)

Extremely complex and multi-layered story, exploring different sides of human existence, with somewhat romantic lyricism. The film is constantly evolving, changing its themes and appearances, dealing with multiple subjects like religion, the nature of morality, human passions, survival instinct and hypocrisy. It seems that Chan Wook Park, that already established himself as one of the greatest directors in history, collects here all main human weaknesses and just collides them with each other, trying to show their essence and purpose through the process. Maybe due to this broad range of references and subjects the film demands more from the viewer and may seem confusing and unfocused, but with a little patience and necessary second viewing things should get properly received.