23 December 2009

Kevin Smith directed this?

Bruce Willis is doing another hack job, saying classic lines like "Now that is what I am talking about!", and Tracy Morgan is acting all crazy, as usual, in Cop Out. Kevin Smith is directing them and very impressive supporting cast, but ending up without a credit in this trailer. Instead of being announced by the deep and authoritative voice-over - "from the cult director Kevin Smith", all he gets is a text in the end of the credits, that normal people don't really pay attention to. What, no Jay and Silent Bob cameo this time?
The trailer is not very funny, but Smith's comedy doesn't really suit the form of short trailer. Although he did got very fat, I just hope his brain didn't turn into a marshmallow too.

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  1. yeah what the hell...this looks like rush hour type of movie...i guess all the awesome dialog is gone lol