24 December 2009

Repo men are coming to cut you up

Earlier this year director Alex Cox was fighting against Universal Pictures for naming one of their films Repo Men. He was really upset for the possible reference to his Repo Man, but apparently he lost this battle, because first trailer for this new movie is out with intended title.
In a future, when artificial organs are made and sold to people, Jude Law plays a badass repo man, that goes after those who cannot afford the payments anymore, extracting the implanted organs in brutal and bloody ways. Until he gets one of these organs himself and ends up on the opposite side of the butcher knife.
This looks like very interesting and refreshing sci-fi action treat, especially when coming from the first time director. Worth following this one.


  1. Weird, that's quite a similar premise to Repo! The Genetic Opera. I wonder if the "Repo Man" connotation will help it get more of an audience- some people might think it's a sequel!

  2. I am pretty sure that people that actually seen 84's Repo Man are smart enough to check what is this film all about, before paying money to see it. I guarantee you, there will be no one coming out of the theaters and saying - "Oh dude, bummer, I thought it is a sequel to Repo Man!"
    If anything, this name mix-up will bring more attention to the classic film and more people will get to watch its greatness.

    I haven't seen yet the Repo! The Genetic Opera, its kinda low on my list. Cheers.

  3. Repo! The Genetic Opera is sort of mediocre. I like the premise and I love rock musicals, but it wasn't as funny or dark as it thought it was, and ends up kind of lame. You can keep it low on your list. I just thought it interesting that it has such a similar concept to Repo Men.

  4. Repo Man (1984) is awesome..thats the first thing that came to mind when i saw this trailer.