28 November 2009

The Fear Itself

And another example of Russian cinema, this time hardcore mainstream, is the first teaser for the new horror movie The Phobos. Since horror genre is quite popular everywhere, the producers seem to be convinced that international audience will be very interested in whatever piece of incompetent work they will spew out, therefore the ebarrassingly inarticulate English subtitles. The teaser fails to show anything interesting, bunch of teens walking around and scared from the wind in the pipes is not impressive filmmaking. I hope later trailers will reveal something more substantial.
Group of young people arrive to their own newly built night club. It was previously a massive concrete bomb-shelter, and after a short time since they arrive the doors are shut and the group find themselves sealed underground with no possible exit. First they don't realize the seriousness of the situation, but then the fear starts to crawl under the skin. Now they need to fight the fear, each one his own.


  1. The poster makes me think about my bloody valentine. I always try to check out foreign horror (which is superior to the american at the moment)...most of the american horror has gotten too predictable and boring.

  2. bloody valentine...I watch the remake...blergh!!
    original 100 x remake 00,1...
    the 80`s horror movies are the best!!!
    (the burning 1981 aka cropsy is my favorite)
    about this new russian movie??? hummm...the trailer is good!!! I always trusth in russian cinema!!!

    hi from Brazil!!!

    great site!!!

  3. It's actually an old poster, from the early steps of production. There are bunch of others, recently released, but they are no good.