22 December 2009

White Sun of the Desert

This is Russian feature film entitled Kandahar, and it is based on the real events that took place in 1995, amidst the Afghan civil war. Commercial Russian airplane, with supplies for Afghan government, is forced to land in the city of Kandahar, where the crew is captured and taken as prisoners by Taliban forces. They will have to survive a year in captivity, experiencing the rage of war and violence, while trying to escape.
Can't really judge the movie right now, but it looks like another story about unbreakable strength and heroism of brave Russian citizens, a patriotic theme that recently is very encouraged in Russian cinema by the government, together with very shameless attempts to re-write the history. People that familiar with what is going on in Russia in the past few years will probably understand what I am talking about. But political debate aside, and also ignoring unintentionally homo-erotic poster, the cinematic qualities of this film are clearly seen even from this short trailer.
Great settings at the filming location in Morocco, among desert landscapes, authentic local extras as Taliban fighters, great looking explosions, action scenes and special effects, make this movie really interesting and impressive filmmaking. The movie opens in Russian theaters in February.

Later I will add English subtitles to this trailer.

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