22 December 2009

Plane crash is funny again. What, too soon?

First trailer for the summer movie Knight & Day features armed kidnapping, murder, plane crash, reckless driving and heavy makeup on aging actors, things you may consider as both violent and tragic, and somehow tries to spin it into a comedy, but without the "funny" part. I've seen even worse things getting humorous treatment, but you actually need to know how to be macabre or tell a black joke.
Cameron Diaz continues to embarrass herself, she is now long after the "hot girl in the movie having fun" stage and deep into "accidentally meeting complete opposite of myself, but because I am so desperate for love I will give it a chance and marry this man" uncharted area. From now on it's a slippery slope into "hot divorced mom with a smart-ass kid meeting middle age weed smoker and turning his life around" roles and I don't even want to know what's next. In her favor, she still manages to steal occasional roles like in the recent The Box, so maybe she can still push herself through.
The whole trailer gives a bit heavy feeling of trying too much and reeks of obvious rip-offs from other movies, I am beginning to suspect that this will be this summer's big flop. But despite all that, this movie could be worth something - the car chase scene was kinda awesome.

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