14 December 2009

You can never leave

I already posted this short teaser with English subtitles for the upcoming Russian thriller/horror film, that in the meantime changed its name to Phobos: Club of Fear. And now there is a new, longer trailer, revealing a little better what's this all about. Apparently there are some kind of deadly traps in the underground shelter, either mechanical or controlled by someone outside, and these young people find themselves in struggle to stay alive among them. Opens in March in Russia.

And a piece of news regarding the film, coming from the interview with Dmitry Rudovsky, one of the heads of production company. The movie was screened for the potential distributors not so long ago at the American Film Market, and Russian producers were approached by two American production companies, interested in buying the concept for the remake. One of them is Platinum Dunes, headed by Michael Bay and responsible for string of really bad horror films and remakes of the classics in the last years (The Unborn, Friday the 13th, The Hitcher) and the other one is Twisted Pictures, mostly famous for creating the Saw franchise. It doesn't mean much, and the remake might not happen at all, but this fact indicates a little that the movie might not be a total waste of time.

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