30 April 2009

Trailer for horror film Primal (2009)

New Australian horror movie called Primal is heading to the film market at Cannes festival to seek distributor. As part of attempt to get attention, a short teaser was released to show what it's all about, and I have to say this looks good. Sort of combination between The Descent and 30 Days of Night, and I wouldn't mind to watch this one if only for the explicit gore this teaser promises.

The films is about group of students, heading to the mountains to find a cave with very ancient wall paintings. Of course, what they don't know, is that this cave was used to perform a sacred ritual to bind an ancient evil long time ago. After one girl in the group goes to skinny-dip in the nearby river, her condition rapidly worsens, and she regresses to a predatory, primal state and viciously attacks her friends.

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