30 April 2009

Trailer for action movie Icarus (2009)

Looks like action movies are making small comeback to the mainstream, kind of, and all iconic action actors from 80's - 90's are suddenly relevant again. Stallone, Van Damme, Steven Seagal and Dolph Lundgren are getting some headlines and bigger coverage with their new films, and it doesn't look half as bad as it sounds.

Time and experience work slowly but inevitably, thus goofy action movies with grandiose action scenes and ridiculous plot lines are replaced by smaller, darker and much more realistic action dramas. Last year sensation Taken will be considered years from now as turning point for action genre, but now everybody just happy to jump on the wagon. I am sure we will be seeing more and more middle age men, not necessarily muscular and fit, having shootouts and close hand to hand combats with bad guys, trying to defend their families, or something like that. This is part of the psychological father figure restoration, after that same superego was crushed and stepped upon during the 90's.

Dolph, in addition to acting, started also to direct his own movies. His latest Icarus just finished filming not so long ago, and here is the first teaser.

See some behind the scenes footage, as well interview with Dolph himself, and big load of stills on the dedicated page.

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