27 April 2009

Photos from the set of Jonah Hex (2010)

Usually I would post such photos in my News/Rumors summary at the end of the week, but since it is Megan Fox we are talking about, why wait? Especially when everybody on the freaking net already posted it.

My future wife (sigh) is shooting new movie right now, Jonah Hex, based on some comic book, sorry, graphical novel. Yeah, another one. The story happens during Wild West times, and is about Bounty Hunter looking for some voodoo priest that wants to raise an army of dead. Or something like that.
Megan is Leila, love interest of the Hex the bounty hunter, and suppose to be a tough shooting guns chick by herself. Not in that corset I hope.

And just for my personal pleasure here is more photos of her in better dress, emphasizing her nice curves.

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