27 February 2009

Film News - Comics Aphrodite IX will become a movie

Great news for comic's fans - Aphrodite IX is the next comics that will be adapted for the big screen. The short lived comics series maybe not very famous with the general audience, but it has large fan base and is quite familiar in the geek books world, mainly due to the lead character - Aphrodite Nine.

Created in 1996 in the Top Cows publishing house, by writer David Wohl and artist David Finch, the series tells a story of a female cyborg/android programmed for assassinations. She was also programmed to delete all her memories right after the job was done, but after a while she develops a consciousness, becomes self aware and begins to develop human emotions and sensitivity. On this journey to discover humanity in herself, she is trying to find who programmed her, encounters a secret society of revolutionary cyborgs that want to take down the government, and also fights monsters, other cyborgs and whatnot.

Being made for Top Cow publishing, Aphrodite IX features their usual female visual characterizations - she is an owner of big boobs and easily handles huge guns. Exactly kind of a sleaze young teenage boys are drawn to. But of course, like every story that involves even shallow philosophical content (what is human, what is moral, what is existence, what is blah, blah, blah), Aphrodite IX became a bit cult with more mature audience, looking not only for enormous boobs and explosions as entertainment, but for smart and more intelligent content too.

Having such sexy and indestructible female hero can only help. There is no doubt - Aphrodite IX hits exactly where it should, pressing the right buttons and arousing peni..., sorry, imagination in most of male primates.

The series didn't last long, with only few issues being released. In 2005 an attempt for anime was made, and they even released this trailer

But nothing came out of it and the project got stuck. Now the news about live action 3-D movie hit the web, and at least this project can be taken seriously. The producers are trying to recreate the success of Wanted, which was also acquired from Top Cow. And with big production and smart director they can really pull it off. With new standards in visual style, fitting the new age of Hollywood's big productions, a very fine and enjoyable product can be created here from that material.
Producers are looking for the lead actress right now, someone that can fit the expectations of the fans and the size of the bra.
And in LA it can be lots of women. My personal favorites for the role are Sophie Monk and Moon Bloodgood, both are on the rise right now. Check their photos and tell me if I'm wrong.

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