01 February 2009


The remake of the Nightmare on Elm Street is in plans. Same team, that did Friday the 13th remake, is in charge.
So who will be the next Freddy? My vote is for Robert Knepper.

New and official Wolverine's poster. Click to enlarge.

Van Damme has announced that he is making a sequel to his original Bloodsport. And although there are already Bloodsport 2, 3 and 4 without Jean Claude, this time it's the "true" sequel.

Speaking of sequels, John Rambo is still alive, and another, 5th movie, is in plans according to Stallone himself.

And more on Megan Fox - In addition to rumors about possible Lara Croft casting, she is also eyeballing the role of Wonder Woman in upcoming adaptation. It's probably going to be a little weird to be both, but I say - go ahead, honey. Just make sure you wear as less clothes as possible and you'll be fine.

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