27 February 2009

Star Wars The Musical is ready to go

Adding to the frustration of the Star War fans, "Star Wars - The Musical" is ready and will open in April in London with plans to tour in Europe and America.

The organizers promised to make is less like theatrical play and the production will be big and spectacular, involving giant screens and bunch of special effects. The music will be performed by Philharmonic Orchestra, under supervision of the original composer of the famous Star Wars' score - John Williams. All 6 movies of the saga will be rearranged into 90 minutes of songs and dance.

I think Lucas and his company were involved in this, and the producers of the show are confident in what they are doing.

Read the original story in here.

The images, of course are not from that show, but from some armature production from 2005. It's very funny to see Vader and storm troopers doing the jazz hands.

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