29 March 2009

Update: Anime Trailer - Cat Shit One (2009)

Usually I don't post trailers for Anime series, but this one is so outrageous that I have to post it.
Based on 1998 manga, which was also published in English under name Apocalypse Meow. But as opposed to the original books, describing Vietnam War, this new series will deal with more current military conflicts in middle east. Also the main protagonists, the Rabbits, are not army soldiers, but work for private military organization.


  1. Not a big anime fan...but this looks very interesting hehe.

  2. I saw in other places on the mighty web, that many people digg this trailer too. This is definitely not an average anime product.

  3. I wish this was coming out soon! Early 2010 is way too far away.

  4. ^__^

    Good things come to patient people.