04 April 2009

News/Rumors Summary From The Last Week

Probably the biggest news of the last week was the leak of this movie to the Internet. It may not sound that big deal, but if you think about it, it's really incredible.
The version is not finished - many special effects are missing or not polished, cables for the stunts are visible, number of additional scenes that were shot later are missing, sound and music are not final, and many scenes are just rough computer graphics before digital refinement. But the story is there, many scenes are complete and the film is edited close to the last version, not to mention that the quality of the video is quite good.

To be able to see the work in progress is the exclusive right of the small group of film producers/creators, and when thousands of viewers are able to see how the unfinished movie looks like, a full month before the release - that is absolutely revolutionary. These viewers can feel like they are participating in the creative process, stating their opinions later on the web. This event may not have serious implications, the movie still going to be big hit, despite initial mixed responses from the pirated version, but this is really significant stuff and, in a way, sadly amusing.

And yes, as many other people I got curious and got this version too, I'll not mention how, but anyone with just a little imagination can find the way to get it too. I'll watch it over this weekend and write the review for this workprint in a few days.

And we have a winner! Freddy Krueger is a dream role for many actors with "ugly" faces, but there could be only one, and so Jackie Earle Haley has been confirmed for the role in the upcoming remake of the horror classic A Nightmare on the Elm Street.
Former child star, that got neglected for many years, is recently performing a comeback. Playing Rorschach in Watchmen and appearing also in the next Scorsese's film, he is much more tragic story than Micky Rourke, and was reduced to delivering pizza and being security guard for many years, after being big sensation and highly popular heartthrob as teenager.

Anyway, apparently the remake will begin with Freddy is being alive, and the scene in which the parents catch and burn him will be in the movie.

Poster for The Girlfriend Experience, new film by, probably the smartest guy in Hollywood, Steven Soderbergh.
Being in the status of doing whatever he wants without thinking much about consequences, Soderbergh keeps making movies that have no commercial success whatsoever. Wasting millions of dollars on obscure films that only small group of people that go to festivals will see, he is truly doing only what he likes. Very admirable, if you ask me, making films for the art of it, not for the money.

Anyway, this film features very popular porn star Sasha Grey in the leading role, and after more than 150 movies in just 3 years, with titles like Swallow My Children, Gang Bang My Face, Anal Acrobats and my favorite title Pop Goes the Weasel, she is moving strong into the real film industry with three (!) legit movies in 2009 and no more porn.
I think there is a lesson to be learned here.

Prepare for another alien attack - Men In Black 3 has been confirmed, but no confirmation about its stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
Either way, one thing is probably for sure - the fucking dog will be back.

Speaking about sequels, prepare for ghost mania - Ghostbusters 3 is on the way. All the original cast is returning back, in addition to new and young crew.
It's still early to say, but this one is going to be huge.

Wonder Woman the movie is finally on the right track. Warner Bros studio is getting serious about the film and starting to look for director and lead actress for the live adaptation.
So now all the fans are excited and rumors who will take the role of Princess Diana are heating again. I guess I can put my own five cents into this and vote for one Megan Gale.

Although this Australian super model beauty has little to nothing acting experience, she was actually cast before as Wonder Woman in the Justice League live action movie. The production didn't take off and was eventually canceled, thus dismissing the entire cast.
With the recent announcement that Justice League project is getting another chance, she is still hoping to take the role, and it will be only right to cast her in Wonder Woman as well. Beside striking resemblance to the comic's origin, she has very impressive and sexy physique, just look at the pictures. Megan is also 5'11'', or 180 cm high, which is exactly how warrior princess should be like. Other suggested actresses are twice smaller than her, and cannot be suitable - Wonder Woman should be tall and intimidating for the street scum, as originally intended.

One of my favorite cult movies Repo Man, is getting a sequel named Repo Chick, and the filming was already completed just last month. Why is it done so quietly, I don't know.
Read more about the production of the film at the director's blog.

The team behind bloody Tokyo Gore Police has new project, Samurai Princess.
Not much info right now, but with poster like this who really cares about the story anyway?

David Cronenberg, once much admired extreme artist and today anemic mainstream hackworker, announced that he has plans to make a sequel to Eastern Promises, with Viggo Mortensen returning to reprise his role as hard boiled Nikolai.

This is the first time Cronenberg intend to do a sequel, and considered that his next project is The Matarese Circle, a big action thriller with Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington with budget of 150 million, my question is - how low can he get?

The new Star Trek is not in theaters yet, but the sequel already announced with hopes to make it for summer of 2011. The writers will return, not sure about J.J Abrams, the big shot director.

New and creepy poster for the upcoming Drag Me To Hell. Director Sam Raimi lately gives interviews everywhere, talking about Spiderman 4 and Evil Dead sequels.
Among promoting himself and his movies, he also complained how he didn't have any creative control over Spiderman 3, and how he didn't like the result.
Whatever. As I remember, first two movies were not quite masterpieces either.

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