06 March 2009

Watchmen as cartoon show on TV

The life of art work can be very strange, whether it's a painting or a comic book. In one possible world it can be rejected by every editor and thrown into garbage can, never receiving any publicity. In other world such work can be highly popular, but only if the artist commits suicide before, because he was rejected all his life. Too bad such artist will never know that taking all those pills was his best artistic decision.

And of course there is a perfect world, in which art work is a big success, acclaimed by everyone, and the artist lands huge deal to make a big Hollywood film, based on his work. This is of course the case with Watchmen in our world. And when Alan Moore (the creator of the original Watchmen comics) says he is not happy with current film adaptation and he refuses to approve it, he should imagine what could've happen in different situation - the comics could've been adapted to a Sunday morning show for kids.

What would it be like? Here is the example:

So I think no one, including much respected Alan Moore, should neglect the fact the film will be a huge success and many, many different people that never even heard about Watchmen before, will see the film and will appreciate the art work. No artist can ignore such popularization, this should be very flattering.

And if you work wasn't rejected, like it happens with many other artists that never get their chance, and you managed to see all that success and appreciation during your life, you better shut da fuck up and just enjoy the attention. And remember, it could've been much worse, you are the lucky one.

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