07 April 2009

Anime Trailer uncensored - Queen's Blade (2009)

Another interesting anime creation premiering this month in Japan.
Queen' Blade
first started as a series of visual Gamebooks, and featured all female characters with one main characteristic - big boobs. Gaining big popularity and many fans, more series of this visual candy was released. The merchandising followed naturally, including comic books, software and action figures. It was only a matter of time until anime series will be made, and here it is.

If this proves to be popular enough, and it probably will, a live action movie will follow at some point, but maybe not as explicit as this stuff.
As exploitation show mainly about boobs, the story will be as trashy and stupid as possible. I don't really blame them. As I understand this is not hentai, and beside some mild lesbian affection this is not suppose to include any kind of sexual imagery.

This is some more images from the books.

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