01 April 2009

Biggest Film News of Today, April the 1st

Well, April Fools day is almost over all around this silly planet, and I think it will be nice to summarize some of the biggest and absolutely truthful news that suddenly popped out today.

So, apparently Warner Bros announced Matrix fourth installment, called The Matrix: Resurrection.

A surprising trailer for the Iron Man 2 (that's not even filming yet) was shown in some secret screening, with amusing title, more suitable for the Jonas Brothers song, Iron Man: Shock to the Heart.

Looks like Warner Brothers finally won the battle against the file sharing industry by buying controversial The Pirate Bay for 13 billion dollars.

Star Wars remake is a done fact, and they even got director attached - Zack Snyder, no less.

The Lord of The Rings will get another huge trilogy, named The Lord of the Rings 2: The Unring.

Guillermo Del Toro no longer directing The Hobit, and the reins go to much hated Brett Ratner.

George Lucas is planning another Star Wars trilogy.

The Dark Knight sequel is a go with Don Rickles and Sammy Davis Jr in the lead roles as Batman and Joker. Both over 80 years old, by the way. For that one I actually want it to be true, at least the result will be better than before.

That's pretty much it, big news indeed.

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