07 April 2009

Exclusive - Awesome scene from Ong Bak 2 (2008)

Great fight scene from the latest Tony Jaa's marvel. I ripped it from the movie by myself, so no one else has it. Watch closely as he switch between fighting styles against different opponents. According to the movie he was trained in number of martial art styles, including Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Japanese swordplay. Notice also long shots with continuous action, that indicate complex choreography. Enjoy.

Check out another clip from the movie, that I found on the web.


  1. yeah yeah yeah!!! tony jaa is the best

  2. My only problem with Tony Jaa is that he moves slower and less smooth than Jackie Chan, and doesn't fight as well as Jet Li. But his power, and leaping ability are undeniable, especially in the last few bits of the clip. Thanks.