02 April 2009

Interesting Pictures

Inglourious Basterds is coming soon, crashing and scalping Nazi heads as trophies on its way, and Vanity Fair releasing some character's photos, just to raise our anticipation.
The movie is in theaters from August 21st.


Yeah, no comments.


Empire magazine have Megan Fox on the cover of May's edition (here), and Vanity Fair is not falling behind, bringing some juicy photos of Gisele.
28 and married, Gisele is still kicking and it doesn't look like she is going away. If Cindy Crawford an the age of 43 can take pictures like this:

... there is no reason for Gisele to disappear. More photos and the story at Vanity Fair.


Patrick Acton from Iowa, USA is known for his, ahem... interesting hobby - building models from matchsticks. The "I have no life so I might as well do something insane" artist already wasted over 3 million matchsticks on his creations, and the latest, on which he is working for 2 years now, is the exact copy of the Minas Tirith, aka the City of Kings, from the famous Lord Of The Ring movies. The work expected to be complete in 2010.
For more info and more pics of his projects visit his website.

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