04 April 2009

Movie Stills - Hunter Prey (2009)

Hunter Prey is a new sci-fi movie, that looks like the next fanboys favorite. The director is Sandy Collora, which mostly did concept art and design for the movies before, and recently he made number of short films to display his abilities as director. Since he made two short films about Batman and Superman, this automatically put him on the geek's radar.
Now he returns with his first full length movie and already creating buzz all over the place. Number of stills are available just to introduce the looks of the movie, and the first trailer will arrive next week.
The story is about a team of special force commandos who must recapture an escaped alien prisoner after the military transport ship carrying him crashes on a desolate and hostile planet.

Usually, the problem with such directors is that they put too much thought into the design, costumes and the visuals, but neglect the story and the characters. As result the movie looks pretty, but makes no sense.
Since the movie is independent production on more or less amateur level, this is exactly what I expect from it - bad storytelling.

Watch two of Collora's short movies to see what I mean: Batman: Dead End (2003) and World's Finest (2004)

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