18 April 2009

News/Rumors Summary From Previous Week

Eliza Dushku, doing her best in the really good Dollhouse, and Lynn Collins, the best thing in X-Men Origins and the only reason to see this movie, took their clothes off in photoshoot to magazine Allure.


Last week in Sweden hundreds of people came to protest against the trial of four founders and administrators of The Pirate Bay torrent's index website, that were sentenced to one year in prison in addition to the fine of $3.6 million. Like this is really going to change anything.
In fact, after the sentence was announced, the amount of registered users on the website, which is still running unaffected even after many of its servers were confiscated in a raid, grew up by 20%. The sharing and downloading on P2P network and of Bit Torrents is growing with each day, and the useless attempt of some organizations to shut it down and to affect the public with negative campaign against its users, calling them thieves a pirates, is going to fail, miserably.
These so called "pirates" are not to be confused, of course, with other popular these days real pirates.


Sacha Baron Cohen released these amusing photos of himself as Bruno, the Austrian gay reporter, as part of the promotion for his new film Bruno.


Spielberg and Bay walk into a bar... ahh, no. A Rabbi, a Priest and a Minister walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them and says, "What is this, a joke?"
No, no joke in here. Steven Spielberg, the producer, and Michael Bay, the director, sat together in the empty movie theater while watching Transformers 2, which is, by the way, has a running time of 147 minutes.
When the movie was over Spielberg said to Bay that it was awesome and probably the best Bay's movie so far.
I never thought you can say "best movie" and "Michael Bay" in the same sentence.


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel posted a list of their 15 most influential classic movies.
Out of that list I haven't seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and I've seen only parts of 42nd Street, so I can say that out of hundreds of most influential films they picked a solid 15, although I would replace half of them by something else.
Good idea for a post.


Every night, before going to sleep, every self respected nerd says a little pray, hoping to wake up tomorrow and not to die during the day, not before he can see the big screen adaptation of The Hobbit.
Director Guillermo del Toro and producer Peter Jackson made a short update - the two-part movie, scheduled to be released in 2012 and 2013, will be based only on The Hobbit book. Some rumors claimed before that one film will be based on the book, and the second will cover the time between Bilbo's adventure and the LOTR events. Not at all, although Gandalf will get a bigger part and will be seen more on his own journey.
No word about casting yet. We'll wait.


Producer Frank Marshall says that another Bourne movie is planned for summer 2011. Maaaaaaaaaaatt Damon will be back for the role of emotionally retarded spy/killer Jason Bourne, and Paul Greengrass, the director of the last two films, is also attached.


New and cool poster for The Brothers Bloom.


Two more pictures from the set of The Expendables. The first one features Stallone and Statham, the other one looks like Eric Roberts and Steve "Stone Cold" Austin.

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