27 April 2009

Nice way to punish Bootleg DVD seller

Great video, obviously staged, as promotion to the release of Dead Snow in Russian theaters. My guess, the distribution company is responsible for production of this thing, and I have to admit it is quite original way to appeal to moviegoers. Whether it is efficient way to fight the bootleg piracy - you decide for yourself.

Short translation of the conversations:

In the car the guy with the camera tells someone: On my command we are kicking his ass.
Then he goes out of the car alone and having conversation with the bootlegger, asking him how the sells are going, the seller answers him that everything is alright and he already sold 100 disks.
The camera guy asks if he has Dead Snow. The bootlegger tells that he just sold the last copy. After number of questions about the quality of the picture and quality of translation on that bootleg copy, they seem to start arguing, and then the camera guy shows the ear of someone that suppose to be bootlegger's boss. The zombies are getting into action, and the camera guy says that after they finish with him they need to put the remains in the car and clean after themselves, and also tells zombies "good job".
All this happens with some cursing and bad language, which makes it even funnier.

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