26 April 2009

Retro-Future TV Shows That Didn't Make It

Bright colors, mini skirts, ridiculous costumes, low tech special effects and funky music - it's retro-future science fiction of 70's.
Following the success of Star Trek and such achievements as moon landing, everyone wanted a piece of action in science fiction. But not everyone could be that successful and leave its mark for the ages to come, and many of such shows didn't quite make it.
Here is two British sci-fi shows to keep in mind when you go to see new Star Trek movie, or just to get impression how different it was back then.

First is Space: 1999, telling a story of the Moon base inhabitants, that one day find themselves drifting in space when the Moon is going off the Earth's orbit as result of big explosion.

The second show is UFO (1970). It didn't look too far into the future, just 10 years ahead to 1980, in which Earth is threatened by an alien race who kidnap and kill humans and use them for body parts. And it looks even more campy and kitschy. As oppose to Space 1999, this show features much younger actors with clear sexual overtones.

Nice shirt buddy. No wonder nothing came out of this.

Source for both videos: Lady, That's My Skull


  1. The music is so good in both of these.

  2. Agree, unfortunately I have no idea who is the performer.