12 April 2009

Trailer for HK film - I Corrupt All Cops (2009)

I Corrupt All Cops is the latest movie by Jing Wong, one of more famous directors working in Hong Kong cinema. Maybe the best way to describe his work is to call him Hong Kong's Steven Spielberg. Although Jing Wong tried many different genres, his movies are very mainstream and intend to be popular among larger audience. Not walking on the extreme edges of style or themes, most of his films are comfortable and very profitable middle ground, with accessible stories.
He is responsible for many famous and successful movies, starting such popular franchises as God of Gamblers and Kung Fu Mahjong, he worked with such icons as Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Stephen Chow in the beginning of '90 and was partially responsible for their successful careers. He mostly did comedies, but also tried action, a bit drama and thrillers, he used to make 6-7 movies a year, which is pretty remarkable. I've seen number of his films and they are all entertaining, but also very forgettable. Lately he is not as prolific as he was before, probably due to his age, but he is still making films.
I Corrupt All Cops is a cop drama about the formation of Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption, as result to high corruption rate among the HK police forces in '60s-'70s. Many famous actors in this one and the movie expected to be very successful. Trailer features English subs.

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