02 May 2009

The Dead Will Walk The Earth Again

Night of the Living Dead (1968) is of course very well know horror classic. The movie introduced for the first time a new type of zombie, the one that we know and love today, with a set of specific rules and characteristics of what zombie can and cannot do.
All "living dead" movies created before (very few in number) featured lame and boring zombies, with origins in voodoo legends about priests that can raise the dead to serve him. Beside being basically a puppet to do some dirty work for their master, these zombies didn't do much, and frankly they weren't that scary at all.

The movie was a career maker for George A. Romero, skyrocketing him to instant success and appreciation. Romero directed numerous zombie movies since, and his new film ...of the Dead got a poster long time ago, but still not clear when will be released.

Which brings me to the point of this post.
A massive international artistic collaboration started some time ago in order to reinvent the cult classic. Using all possible styles, mostly animation but not only, people recreated scenes from the movie, organizing them in correct order and editing them to make final product - complete re-envision of the original film. The result is called Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, and it is currently in post-production stage. Once ready, the movie will be available for free download, because this is purely fan work for the fans. Here is the latest trailer.

Visit official website of this cool project to get more details, see two more trailers and get info about their next project, in case you are interested to participate.

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