23 May 2009

Demo Footage from Animated Film Princess Bari

Princess Bari is long awaited animation project, started somewhere in 2001 and still being in production stages. Although in 2007 it was reported that work on the film is close to be completed and agreement with distributor was signed with possible release in 2008, nothing happened since.

Based on very old Korean folk tale, with deep roots in shamanic and religious traditions, the story is about princess Bari, that was abandoned by her royal parents because they were expecting a boy. Being raised by poor family, Bari learns eventually who she is when the king and queen become ill and the only cure for them is the water of life, that can be found only in the underworld, the land of dead. Bari agrees to go and find the cure, which of course leads her to big adventure. The legend is very familiar in Korean tradition and has more than just a literary value. Read this article for more info.

The film itself received funding from France, China and Korea, and it's directed by Baek-yeob Seong, that directed before another animated movie Oseam. I've found a demo footage from the movie, which I am not sure when it was released, but it looks very interesting so I'll post it. Hopefully it's new video and can be considered as an update on this project.

Source: M-Line Distribution, and here is direct link to original video.

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