07 May 2009

Enter The Ninja

With the inevitable return of 80's to arts and design as retro style, it's only natural that more and more content originated back then will return and flood us again with its ridiculous hair, bad clothes, corny sitcoms and synthesizer music.
And here I am announcing the glorious return of Ninjas. I already posted about upcoming new movie Ninja Assassin, the reboot of Ninja Turtles, G.I Joe film features two ninjas - Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, number of new video games feature ninja as main character and I am probably missing more examples. All we need now is the reboot of American Ninja and we are officially out of any original idea.

Anyway, here is another upcoming movie, that its creators took the easy way and simply named it Ninja. Blows your mind, isn't it? The film stars fan favorite Scott Adkins, which just recently begun to receive wider recognition for his athleticism and martial arts abilities. And if you going to see new X-Men Origins, then you can watch Scott do his thing as Weapon X in the end of the film.
This straight to DVD movie, that could probably receive some kind of limited theatrical release and maybe even sci-fi festival or two, was directed by low rate Isaac Florentine. Florentine, originally from Israel where he directed one movie before moving to US, is known for mindless action movies that go direct to the video store shelf. His movies were proven to be profitable enough to get him another B movie gig, but with latest technologies and growing interest for action flicks he might get bigger budget and do something worthy. On the other hand, I really doubt that will happen, since his screenplays are usually bad and haven't changed in years. And visual stylization can take you only so far, without good content the only thing you will get is just another B movie gig.

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