11 May 2009

News/Rumors Summary

X-Men Origins: Wolverine did well in box office, despite the leaked version a month from premier and very negative buzz on the web. The money wasn't counted yet, but official announcements were made already that both sequel to Wolverine and a spin off for Deadpool are in development. I just hope none of the screenwriters and not the director, that were responsible for this garbage, will be hired again for the new films.
And as for why Wolverine did so well and already covered his $150 millions budget - that is easy. The major percent of moviegoers do not read movie blogs, do not download pirated files and do not listen to the critics. When they come to the theater at the weekend to see a movie, they look at the list of the films they can watch, obviously they will select new and shiny summer movie over anything else.

Good news - Brett Ratner is no longer directing Conan (2010), which is of course the remake of that bodybuilding movie with Schwarzenegger. Now the rumors say that James McTeigue, the former protégé of Wachowski brothers and now familiar director on his own, is set to replace him. Which means - double good news.


New photo from the set of Iron Man 2. It's on the photos like that you can see how ridiculous this costume really is. 100 years from now people will watch all these superhero movies, with actors packed up into heavy and stupid suits just because we like to see them this way, and laugh at us.


Three new character posters were released for Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds (2009). In addition to this, Tarantino himself and the actress Diane Kruger did the promotional photoshoot for the movie, which delivered following photos.
Is it me or Tarantino just took his famous foot fetish to a new level? I wonder if he walks in high heels like that in his home as well? But at least he lost some weight and not as fat as he was a year ago.


First photos from Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009), last Heath Ledger's movie that he didn't complete. Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law were called to film the remaining scenes, and all three of them will appear as Ledger's character. Gilliam even updated the screenplay so these changes will be explainable.


New bunch of photos from Sherlock Holmes (2009). According to all sources connected to the movie, Sherlock Holmes will be much more adventurous than in the books, including fast action and physical fights.

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