31 May 2009

Update: Extended Video Clip From G.I Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

This short clip from the film was released first through MTV with viewing limitations, and now available to all.

This clip really got me worried for its horrible writing and acting. The effects and the production seems fine and polished, even if it's a little silly, but why such stupid dialogs? And I have a question - who was that woman coming out of the car in the beginning? It's clearly not Baroness - different outfit. So why is she there?


  1. It was the Baroness stepping out of the car. That is from a different scene. Dunno why it got into the whole attacking sequence though.

  2. You know, for that movie it's actually makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if that scene of her stepping out of the car is not in the final movie and just used in trailers.