29 May 2009

Trailer for Korean Crime Thriller Turtle Run (2009)

Yun-seok Kim, from the last year big hit The Chaser, is starring in the new Korean crime thriller Turtle Run (Keobokyi Dalrinda). Hoping to reproduce the success of The Chaser, which received also large international exposure, new movie tells a story of a detective in the small county, that finds himself involved in the cat and mouse game with escaped prisoner.
Judging by the trailer, the movie reminds me not only The Chaser, but awesome Public Enemy as well. For many years now I claim that Korean cinema is the best in Asia when it comes to crime thrillers, whether it's about cops or gangsters or serial killers. As opposed to silly HK stuff in similar genre, Korean thrillers have certain depth and very solid substance. I really hope it will be another master work, although the director Yeon-woo Lee is not very experienced one.

For those who speak Korean, there is also official website, where you can watch the second trailer, interviews and read more info about the film.

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