26 June 2009

Blood! Your precious blood!

Getting sick and tired from all the vampire movies that are trying to reinvent the wheel? Well, here is another one. Daybreakers is an Australian film filled with famous actors, although it was produced outside of Hollywood system. It was directed by Spierig brothers from Germany, that previously did only a zombie film named Undead, which had some nice ideas but overall was not very good. And now they are moving to another league with stylish vampire flick, which (we all hope) can turn out to be a hidden gem, but after watching the trailer I prefer to be more cautious.
Watch the trailer full screen with very high HD quality.

When Ethan Hawke talked about this film long time ago, he said that the movie deals with serious issues, as an allegory for humans and their use of natural resources. He also said that dealing with serious issues doesn't mean the film takes itself seriously. "It's low art, completely unpretentious and silly"

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