25 June 2009

Footage from First Squad

As you may know (or not), there is a film festival going on right now in Moscow, mostly screening leftovers from Cannes, but some new movies as well. One of such films is First Squad, first Russian anime that received lots of attention everywhere. The reactions from the premier were overwhelmingly positive, although not without minor criticism. And since we are talking about historic event with press coverage and reports on local TV channels, something must leak to the web.
And here it is. Short clip showing, in addition to interviews with film creators, previously unseen footage with English subtitles.

And if you don't speak Russian, two guys that you see there are the writers and the original creators of the idea for the movie, Misha Shprits and Alyoscha Klimov. They are talking how they wanted to reproduce the stories and myths about heroics of Soviet youth, the Pioneers, during the WWII. These stories about remarkable altruistic heroism were part of Soviet propaganda, with clear purpose to emphasize patriotism and sacrifice for greater good over individualism. They also talk about history and how young generation not really knows the past.

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