27 June 2009

News/Rumors Summary

Remaining posters for 5, 6 and 9 appeared online. Previous character's posters for the animated film 9 are here.


Promo posters for Sherlock Holmes. "Crime will pay" and "Nothing Escapes him"? What kind of a moron actually thought about these tag lines? And why does Jude Law look like an actor on the set of S&M gay porn? Weird posters.


More concept art from Avatar. I have to say this is really impressive visual imagination. When can we see the trailer?


Care for some sequels?

Facts: 1 - Harrison Ford is not getting any younger; 2 - you can't argue with success. Last installment of Indiana Jones grossed over 700 million over the world and I don't think it includes all DVD, Bluray and merchandising sales. I personally liked the movie a lot, it was solid entertainment done with extreme virtuosity. So when I hear official reports about another sequel, I can only put my thumbs up. When will we get to see the film and who will participate is unknown right now, since the screenplay is not yet written. But you can be sure that Ford and Labeouf are in.

The plans for sequel to Hitman are moving forward. Reports are saying that the writer was hired already, and that it will be produced by the same people that were responsible for the first movie, which frankly was piece of garbage on all levels. Timothy Olyphant may return to reprise the role of Agent 47, but I doubt we will see Kurylenko or director Xavier Gens return there too. And it's definitely for the best.

Tom Cruise is a very busy guy with 10 (!) projects in works. One of them will be Mission Impossible 4, a franchise that he will continue to milk until no more juice left. The plans are to release the new film in 2011 with JJ Abrams, that directed previous segment, as producer. No words who will direct it, but it will be some major name. My bet is on Pierre Morel, the guy that directed Taken, only because he fits the pattern of Cruise's previous choices. But, of course, he will have to convert his religion to Scientology first.


Speaking of Pierre Morel, his next film From Paris with Love, action flick starring another member of Super Adventure Club John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has a poster. The movie is in post-production and will be released next year. Unofficial trailer is circling the web for a long time now, and it looks quite intense. You can watch it here.


Extremely cool posters for the Japanese gore and blood fest Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. [Source]


And finally, concept art and actual actors in costumes and makeup from the upcoming Tim Burton's extravaganza Alice in Wonderland.

It's Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter as Queen of Hearts and rising star Mia Wasikowska as Alice. Knowing Burton, the film will be mind blowing colorful adventure, a pure LSD trip. Just one question though: why Hathaway's eyebrows are not white as her hair? She is very pretty, but this is just ridiculous.

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