15 July 2009

Cassandra Complex

Oh yeah! Bad girls are fun! Especially ones that hunt homicidal maniacs and swing baseball bat at them, smashing their heads open.
Production company Rogue Pictures announced that they are moving forward with their plans to adapt popular comics Hack/Slash by announcing director, Fredrik Bond, who made commercials and music videos before. The filming will start sometime next year.
This extreme and violent comics tells a story of Cassie Hack, who as a child saw her mother commits suicide after killing number of her classmates. Feeling shame and guilt for her mother's deadly rampage, Cassie becomes a hunter of killers and slashers, terrorizing towns everywhere. On her way she meets deformed creature, known as Vlad, who spent his life in a butcher shop, lifting heavy things and cutting meat with blades. He becomes her companion and together they travel places, hunt all kinds of serial killers and kill them instead.

Such sleazy story with gore, blood and violence is my kind of thing, and this one looks especially juicy. I'll be following this for sure.
No casting for now, although when plans for the film were announced few years back, Megan Fox (her again?) expressed her desire to become Cassie Hack. I am not sure where this stands right now, but I would prefer to see somebody else in that role.

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