23 July 2009

Defined by length and girth

Guardian posted an interview with Willem Dafoe about his controversial Antichrist, that provokes some big outrage in England right now. Posters are vandalized, various journalists are calling to ban the film, some didn't even see it at all but have opinion nevertheless. Hell on Earth. Of course all that noise and publicity works only in favor of the film, which will be released there uncut after all.

Von Trier himself gives an interview to the Times, starting his interview with his opinion about types of male genitalia.
"There are two types of dicks", he says, beginning a brief lecture on the male member that is as frank and quotidian as it is indiscreet. The first type, explains the 53-year-old push-button provocateur, is defined by length. The second, girth. “Willem Dafoe!” he says, anticipating his own knockout punch line, “has a combination of both!" [...]
"We had to cut it out in so many places because it was ridiculously big,” Von Trier says, giggling manically. “It made no sense at all! I mean, if you saw it you would understand!”

Outrageous review of Antichrist in Daily Mail by the film critic that didn't see it and not going to - here.

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