30 July 2009

Did someone call for a doctor?

Fun trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox is here, and it looks like it will be quite fantastic Fall season for the movies. Lots of interesting films are coming out, and this one looks like one of the finest. Very rough, old school stop motion animation with puppets doesn't look smooth and fluid like 3D Disney stuff, but it sure looks unique and nostalgic, although a little creepy too.
Anderson revisiting the classic tale, bringing his own style and blasting each scene with amusing dialogs and huge amount of details on the background. And I think obvious associations to the Ocean's Eleven, because of the heist plot and George Clooney as voice of Mr. Fox, are actually a good thing. The more you watch this trailer, the better it gets.

See the trailer in other HD formats: 720p and 1080p.

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