16 July 2009

Flies like a butterfly

Number of martial arts action flicks appeared on my radar, so I'll just post about all of them at once. Below you can see trailers for these films, and also additional funny video.


First is average action film Blood and Bone, done by the same formula that was used in 90's action films. The formula has been expired long time ago, but apparently someone still makes movies by it. More interesting is the participation of Michael Jai White in the lead role, and the guy just looks ripped. The movie is straight to DVD and will be out in September. I don't really need to write what is this movie about, it's pretty much self-explanatory, so just enjoy.

Found via twitch. In case there is a problem to watch the video, visit Official website with the same trailer there too, plus more info.


Second one is Brazilian martial arts flick Besouro, translated as Beetle.
Synopsis from IMDb: Based on the life of a legendary capoeira fighter from Bahia, "Besouro" spins a fantastic tale of a young Brazilian man of African descent in search of his mission.
This looks absolutely amazing, somebody is really making a big effort here, and it shows.

Source: Official Blog of the film.

The narrator is kinda funny, but the trailer could be better without him.


Next is martial arts film from Thailand, and it stars Yanin "Jeeja" Vismistananda, the kick ass girl you might know from Chocolate. Her fighting and athletic skills are quite impressive, and following the success of her debut film she is already a big star in Thailand. Now her new movie Raging Phoenix is about to be a smash hit as well, and here is a trailer that shows what she can do.

Found via AHT. More info and images from the film - here, and you can also visit Yanin's fan club


And the last item is only a concept teaser for the upcoming film from Philippines directed by Topel Lee, called Wapakman. But it's so nice and funny that I have to post it here, even if the movie is just in early stages of production. The film features famous Philippine boxing champion and local celebrity Manny Pacquiao and WWE wrestler Dave Batista, and it's about a man that develops a super powers to become superhero.

Found via Quiet Earth.

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