30 July 2009

The Horror, The Horror

This is Christian Bale on the set of his new film The Fighter. Bale's ability to change his physical appearance for the roles is known for a long time now, but damn! It maybe not the best picture of him, but he doesn't look very well on others too. See more pics here.


And if I am already on the subject, this is Madonna and Jessica Beil in very unfortunate photos. Bad lightning, ah?


Just to even things up, here is Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom's private Victoria's Secret model. When she is not modeling for him, she is posing topless at the beach.


  1. Those arms are freaky, strange how she managed to get such a low fat percentage just in her arms.
    Bale is very impressive in his transformations for his parts. Especially in The Machinist, where lost a ton of weight and looked freakishly thin.

  2. With all that diet and gym, soon her whole body will be like this.