28 July 2009

The Land Down Under

Here is vulgar and obscene new red band trailer for the comedy The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, starring Jeremy Piven in the only role he can do so well, and some other familiar funny faces. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are producers of the movie and Ferrell has some kind of a cameo role in it, but he is not in the trailers so far and that makes me wonder if this is a deliberate strategy, because lately his movies are failing in the box office. I think he is not a good name to attach to the movies right now, Piven's glory from Entourage, and the fact he is doing pretty much another Ari Gold, will be enough.

Anyway, I am guessing that the whole point of this movie is to offend as many people as possible using extreme profanity, racial slur, insulting stereotypes, dark humor and sexual indecency. This is going to be a hit among college students.

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