25 July 2009

Lost in Translation

A year ago it was announced that Marvel will start collaboration of a new kind with leading Anime studio Madhouse to adapt some of their comics characters into anime format. Two superheroes, that were selected for the mission, are Iron Man and Wolverine, and they both suppose to helm their own anime series, scheduled to premier at Spring 2010.
And last week at Comic Con, Marvel's panel presented these two teasers for what to expect.

Iron Man trailer is absolutely fantastic with great action and interesting premise, I think his translation into anime aesthetics is very smooth and exciting. There is nothing much to say about him because the trailer is so satisfying and I can only sit and wait for the first episode.

Wolverine, on the other hand, is a different story, simply because the only thing similar to Marvel's Wolverine is the possession of claws. Boyish and gentle look with feminine haircut is really not what fans would expect to see from him. Where is the testosterone dripping, hot tempered, gruff and violent alpha male as we know him? Wolverine's translation to anime created completely different persona, even if he looks like a typical anime character that could be easily absorbed in most of the popular shows. And although he is still going to be a badass, I am sure of that, and we didn't see enough to fully evaluate him, I don't think Wolverine will be the same. Maybe that was the whole point? The animation style is still cool, though, as one would expect from Madhouse studio.

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