12 July 2009

News/Rumors Summary

Another bad news for upcoming adaptation of The Green Hornet? According to rumors, Stephen Chow is out of the project completely and producers currently looking for someone to replace him.
The famous masked vigilante is suppose to be resurrected by funnyman Seth Rogen, who went through months of training, dieting and muscle building, losing on the way lots of pounds. Rogen wrote the script and pulling the strings behind the production as well, seriously committing himself to the project. Fan favorite Stephen Chow was suppose to direct and to star alongside Rogen in the role of Kato, Hornet's servant and sidekick, but some creative differences between the two forced Chow to step down as the director few months ago, although still preparing for his role. Rogen then denied that the film is doomed and after a while he found another director - Michel Gondry, but now it seems he will need to find replacement for Kato as well.
And all that happens when most of the Hornet's fans express negative opinions and afraid that their favorite crime fighter will be butchered and his image ruined by Rogen, whose involvement indicates more humoristic approach.
Rogen is a big star right now, his weight is sufficient enough to get the film done despite different misfortunes, but how many blows he will be able to take?

Blade is getting a prequel, Ninja Turtles a villain, Fantastic Mr. Fox a first image and Remo Williams another chance. And we all get to see Mary-Louise Parker's nipple. Below.

Not to be confused with The Green Hornet, another green superhero is getting live action adaptation - The Green Lantern. This production seems to go smoother than Rogen's, and they already decided on the actor to lead the film. Last week it was announced that Ryan Reynolds got the part, which is his second superhero role. Reynolds was Wade Wilson, aka the Deadpool, in terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and was so excited about the role he even convinced the producers to get him a separate movie, and as result we will have X-Men Origins: Deadpool in two years as well. The fact is that Deadpool is Marvel's character and Green Lantern is DC's, and I can clearly see the conflict of interests. It is really messed up situation, when both films, from rival studios, are planned to be released in 2011, so the same actor will be in two superhero roles in two different summer films in the same year. Well, I don't think so. One of the films will have to give up, either the actor or the release date.
Anyway, besides getting lead roles in bigger films, and not just romantic comedies, Reynolds is also married to Scarlett Johansson, which is starring as Black Widow in the next year's Iron Man 2. So things are looking good for Ryan, don't you think?


First image from highly anticipated Fantastic Mr. Fox by Wes Anderson. Based on children's book the film will be animated, but since no one knows anything about the film, it is still unclear what kind of animation. The image above looks like they are puppets, which means it will be stop motion animation, but I guess it's too early to say. The film expected to be released in November this year, probably participating in some festivals before that.


New live action Ninja Turtles film is in pre-production stages, but we already know who will be the villain in the film. Who can it be if not the arch-nemesis of the Turtles, the leader of the Foot Clan, the one and the only - Shredder! Although no official confirmation on that yet, open casting auditions were announced for the film, and producers are looking for the actors to be part of the Foot Clan ninjas. Last time I checked, two plus two was four, and Shredder will eventually emerge.


Sacha Baron Cohen appeared on Letterman to promote his Bruno, which looks like a big winner at the box office this weekend. Watch this amusing interview when he is not in character for a change, but as himself.


Apparently people are not tired yet from all the vampire movies and TV shows dropping on our heads all the time, because Stephen Norrington, the director of the first Blade, confirmed the rumors that he is planning a prequel to the film. Norrington is working right now on the reboot of The Crow, but once it is over he will switch to deal with vampires. The film will focus on the Deacon Frost, the character that was played by Stephen Dorff, and will tell his early story. Frost has quite a history in the Blade comics universe, so having a bad guy as a protagonist can be kinda cool. Stephen Dorff is also involved and suppose to reprise his role.


Jack Ryan, a fictional character that was created by Tom Clancy and appeared in many of his novels, as well in four films based on these novels, will get another film. According to different reports, the screenplay is almost ready and production will begin soon after. The biggest pretender for the role right now is George Clooney.


Mary-Louise Parker just about to turn 45 in August, and as a present for her birthday she made a photoshoot session for the August edition of Esquire. Looking at these pictures all kind of filthy things are going through my mind, involving Mary here and some amounts of baking powder.


Good news for the fans of The Destroyer, a series of pulp fiction books that started in 1971 and is one of the longest running man-adventure series, which is still active and last two books were released just a year ago. Being one of such fans, I was glad to hear that two Hollywood producers are teaming up to make a new movie based on the books.
Previous attempt to bring the adventures of unstoppable assassin to the big screen ended up with silly adventure-comedy Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, starring clumsy and very non-acrobatic Fred Ward and Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway for you). The movie managed to acquire semi cult status due to the success of The Destroyer series, but now it is pretty much outdated and forgotten.
Another attempt was made few years later to turn the idea into TV series, titled simply Remo Williams, with different actors this time, but only one episode was filmed and aired, not impressing anyone.
I've seen both results, and although TV pilot is a bit better than the movie, they are very far from being true representations of the books and completely inaccurate in their approach. Besides complete misunderstanding of The Destroyer's spirit and nature, the level of special effects at those days didn't allow to make anything remotely similar to the description in the books, which are filled with violence and sex, and much darker and cynical than these old movies turned out to be. The main feature of the books is incredible super human physical abilities of Remo and his teacher Chiun, the Master of Sinanju, and it was absolutely misrepresented in the film and TV pilot, reducing them to the level of simple circus performers and some cheap Karate practitioners.

Nowdays, when the level of CGI effects allows to make pretty much anything, and the production abilities are much higher than in 80's, I would expect a real and truthful adaptation. Whoever is going to make this film should remember one important thing about The Destroyer - the fighting style of Sinanju is not just another Kung Fu, Karate or some sort of martial arts. It is completely different style that doesn't use all the flips and somersaults, it is much more direct hand combat that goes beyond our understanding of physical reality and human capabilities.
But knowing Hollywood's tendencies, I am afraid we are going to see just another martial arts choreography with usual kicks, jumps and punches.
Leave a comment if you are a fan of The Destroyer too.

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