30 July 2009

Oy Vey!

New film by Coen Brothers is always a major event, and lately they are pushing on gas and making one a year, usually for the Fall release. And since we kind of close, here is a trailer for their upcoming (another) dark comedy called A Serious Man.
Now, it seems, they are taking a shot at Jewish community with inevitable rabbi jokes and massive Jewish women with deep voices. This is one of most psychotic trailers I've seen lately.

Kudos to Quiet Earth for the find. Watch trailer in all kind of HD formats and read synopsis of the film - here.


  1. This looks awesome! Its kind of like you're just waiting for Larry to blow up and go crazy (Falling Down).

  2. He won't, though, not the type. It will be interesting to watch how Coen treat such character and how they treat Jewish themes without falling to stereotypes.