08 July 2009

Russia Goes Medieval

Among many projects of Russian cinema, this one looks quite interesting, although I am pretty sure the result will not be as expected. But still.
The film is called Varvara, which is the same as Barbara, and it's the name of the female heroine. The story takes place during 13th century, when Crusades against eastern Europe and Baltic countries were popular with all kind of Christian orders. When one of such Crusades invades western borders of Ukraine, the castle of local ruler is captured, and the villages around it are destroyed, including Varavara's peaceful home. After seeing her family being killed by the intruders, she becomes a warrior, and with the help of magical amulet from local sorcerer, her fighting skills become far more superior than of ordinary man. She goes then against the crusaders and their ruthless leader to free her country and her people.

So the plot sounds nice, sort of reminisce of fun exploitation B movies from 80's about Barbarians, like Barbarian Queen or Deathstalker, but I assure you it is far, far from being anything similar. This will be serious patriotic film, with lots of pathos, sentimentality, romanticism and no self irony whatsoever. Nevertheless, it can be still interesting, since medieval violence and fights are good enough reason to watch it. So check out the teaser for the film, which suppose to be released sometime this year.

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