07 July 2009

Dead Not Dead

Sometimes feels like a bad Bollywood movie, sometimes kinda scary with gross images of deformed bodies and gore. New Thai horror 6.66 Dead Not Dead explores mystic territory of death, and it has some potential.
The story is about Dao, a crime reporter who starts seeing weird and scary things after someone who was supposed to die doesn't die, causing a rip in the fabric between life and death. Now she needs to uncover the truth behind a series of unexplained accidents before something very bad happens. Dao joins a cop named Wut to find the truth, that finally leads her to face the power of death.

The trailer is a bit long, so if you don't want to see all of it, or you just don't like it, than go to mark 2:12 and watch last 16 seconds, because that scene will make your skin crawl. If the producers decide to advertise the film to western audience, that scene alone should be fantastic teaser. Too bad that the whole movie is not like that. So fucking creepy.

Source: Wise Kwai


  1. Taiwan has a lot of creepy/cruel horror. Looking forward to this. The final scene was nice indeed, is this trailer available with subs?

  2. Thailand...not Taiwan lol

  3. I couldn't find it with subs.
    I saw only one Thai horror - Shutter, that considered one of their best, and I barely finished it. It felt like a slow and painful torture, so I prefer to avoid that kind of stuff. This trailer is worth watching just for that last scene. I like Thai martial arts films like Born to Fight, Dynamite Warrior and of course Ong Bak, but I prefer not to watch their horror.