14 July 2009

When All Else Fails

Someone is trying really hard to make this film attractive enough for the hordes of young moviegoers, pouring in masses into the theaters to see entertaining summer film. When these loud groups of teenagers on summer vacation are standing in front of the box office, looking at the posters of the films, they have to decide what movie will be cool enough for them to watch. And why not G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra? Despite poor responses and generally negative buzz about the film in the beginning, now no one actually cares about G.I Joe, which successfully passed to the middle grounds of apathy and mediocrity, and this might actually be the best case for the movie. Lack of serious competition (Harry Potter will be three weeks in theaters already and there is really no one else), plus all these latest posters and short teasers look solid enough and promise lots of action, extremely cool heroes and super advanced technology. Oh yeah, and there are ninjas too.
This will not be the biggest movie of the year, but I really don't see how this movie is going to flop. With a bit of luck it can actually surprise us all.

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