17 August 2009

Easy Money

Here is the trailer for the new Russian comedy O Lucky Man! (not to be confused with that movie), which is probably better translated as "O Lucky Devil!". This movie looks well made and with solid content that can appeal for international audience. I won't be surprised if some Hollywood studio will purchase the rights to make an American remake, with someone like Seann William Scott in the leading role.

One day an ordinary young man realizes that his life is empty and boring, with no prospects and no future. Wondering how did he waste his life so far and unwilling to continue to live like this, he decides to jump from the bridge. But just before he actually jumps, two mysterious and extravagant men appear out of nowhere, convincing him that suicide is not a solution. They propose him a deal, in which they will change his life by creating false biography, inventing for him new past. So overnight he turns to be a graduate from Princeton, a Cricket champion and hot shot celebrity in general. New biography quickly brings him lots of opportunities, money and women, but also leads to new problems and weird, and sometimes dangerous adventures. He also finds out that nothing comes for free and his life has a price, but now he is ready to fight for it.

So this is another comedy about looser that gets an opportunity to change his life and on the way he learns new lessons and values, turning to be more responsible and mature. The movie opens in Russia in October.

Official website is also up, and flash version of it includes cool design and number of scenes from the film. No English version though.

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